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» What types of low vision aids are there to help people with AMD in their daily lives?

What types of low vision aids are there to help people with AMD in their daily lives?

While there is currently no curative treatment for AMD, various devices exist that can facilitate vision in daily life.

With some training, these precious pieces of equipment can quickly become indispensable for everyday tasks.


Protective filters


Protective filters are designed to improve the visual comfort of people affected by AMD, especially as they move from shade into light. They help strengthen contrast perception while shielding the eyes from harm, particularly the retina.




Also very useful, magnifiers enable you to make a text or small object appear bigger. Various models have been developed to fit different needs, some of them let you keep your hands free while doing particular tasks.  


  • Hand-held magnifier
  • Desktop magnifier
  • Standing magnifier





Fluorescent or halogen lamps can provide additional support for activities that require detailed vision, such as reading, for example.


Electronic devices


Various electronic devices, such as Light Vision glasses, allow the user to visualize an image of a much better quality.

Pocket-sized video enlargers, for example, can be placed directly on the document to be read and offer enlargement that’s far superior to that of a traditional magnifier.



In addition to all these items, there are also devices that offer vocal synthesis or feature large characters.


  • Phones with an adaptive keyboard
  • Talking weighing scale


Low vision aids for people affected by visual impairment are numerous and accessible, enabling the user to regain some autonomy in their daily life. It’s important to choose the right equipment according to your needs and your lifestyle.