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» Seeing AI: the app that helps the blind to “see better”

Seeing AI: the app that helps the blind to “see better”

An application developed by Microsoft to help the blind and partially-sighted to “see better”, Seeing AI is now available in many different languages, to facilitate social inclusion across the world.


An application that aims to encourage social inclusion


Using Artificial intelligence to allow blind and partially-sighted people to see photos or read texts, Seeing AI is based on a system that converts visual data into audio feedback. It thus offers the user a description of a photo or scene around them.


Thanks to this application from Microsoft, users can benefit from assistance with a wide range of everyday tasks:


  • Reading a book
  • Grocery shopping
  • Reading one’s mail
  • Etc.



Seeing AI is being rolled out around the world


Available in more than 70 countries, the application Seeing AI has already helped tens of millions of people across the world. An updated version is now accessible in several additional languages, bringing the app to an even wider audience.


  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • English


Good news for people affected by visual impairment, who can now do many everyday tasks independently.