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» Read faster and more easily thanks to the Bionic Reading app

Read faster and more easily thanks to the Bionic Reading app

A new bionic reading tool, the application Bionic Reading has met with huge success on the web. This new API tool offers a revolutionary method that transforms reading habits and the way users consume content.


A new reading method that’s accessible to all


Created by Renato Casutt, a Swiss typeface designer, Bionic Reading can be described as a new method that facilitates “the reading process by guiding the eyes through text with artificial fixation points.” 


In other words, the application highlights certain essential elements of a text in bold, so as to only draw attention to the initial letters. Thanks to a point in a space which focuses the eyes, it’s possible to read all types of content thoroughly, and more quickly.


Available online for quite some time now, the API Bionic Reading enables users to convert text and to adapt it to meet everyone’s needs, for example people suffering from visual disabilities, such as AMD or diabetic macular edema, or people affected by dyslexia.


  • Font
  • Size
  • Line height
  • Column width
  • Spacing
  • Frequency of fixations and opacity


You have control, for optimal visibility at your fingertips.



Bionic Reading is coming to your smartphone


Bionic Reading is now available on iPhone and on Mac. Two iPhone applications, Reeder 5 and lire, as well as the Mac app Fiery Feeds have incorporated this revolutionary bionic reading technology.


Thanks to Bionic Reading, “Your brain reads faster than your eyes!”