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» OdySight: the eye health app that’s reimbursed by social security

OdySight: the eye health app that’s reimbursed by social security

The first games-based ophthalmological telemonitoring app, OdySight, enables remote monitoring of patients affected by chronic retinal diseases. In 2022 it became the first telemedicine app to be reimbursed under the state social security system in France.


A telemedicine application that’s dedicated to ophthalmology


Developed and marketed in 2018 by the firm Tilak Healthcare, OdySight represents a small-scale revolution in the world of telemedicine and ophthalmology. The application offers the possibility to remotely monitor patients suffering from visual impairment thanks to games played on a smartphone or tablet and digital sight tests that have been approved by a clinical study and adapted from trials carried out in the consulting room.


The first application to receive financial backing from the French social security system


In February 2022, OdySight was granted reimbursement from the French social security system, under Article 51 which allows the trial of innovative medical devices.

Two sets of fees have therefore been established:

  • A fee based on prescription, for selecting the app for the patient, demonstrating and teaching its use
  • A monitoring fee which remunerates doctors’ responses to patients and the monitoring of their results


French social security set an annual reimbursement rate of € 223 per patient for OdySight. According to Tilak Healthcare, 12,000 patients should be able to benefit from the app on prescription.