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» Seventy-somethings are leading increasingly active lives

Seventy-somethings are leading increasingly active lives

Leisure activities play a leading role for over 55s


Cooking, gardening, doing sports, traveling… Seniors in Europe have a growing range of leisure options to choose from, and they’re snatching them up.


People aged over 50 are dedicating at least three hours per week to physical activities outside of work, while the French spend almost seven hours per week cooking.


There are also increasing numbers of 65 to 74-year-olds on computer screens and smartphones in recent years.



The need for visual comfort to make the most of daily life


This rise in activity among seniors has simultaneously increased the need for visual comfort in the elderly population. Beyond leisure, other frequent everyday tasks like driving, walking on uneven terrain, reading etc., require visual acuity at a range of distances.


Today, a number of technical and medical solutions exist that can facilitate these activities, such as Light Vision devices for people suffering from AMD and other retinal disorders.