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» AMD: primary cause of blindness in over 50s

AMD: primary cause of blindness in over 50s

An age-related reduction in vision


AMD entails a progressive loss of what we call “sharp” central vision, and is caused by the ageing of the central zone of the retina, the macula. This latter, which makes up 2-3% of the retina’s area, notably controls vision, the ability to see details and vision required for driving, for example.


What are the symptoms of AMD?


Macular degeneration is generally characterized by the appearance of a dark patch in the center of one’s field of vision, which is called a scotoma.

Various signs can be indicators of this eye disease and can urge one to check out the association DMLA’s online test, or make an appointment with an eye doctor.


  • Rapid vision loss
  • Black spot
  • Loss of brightness
  • Visual blurring
  • Difficulty in distinguishing details
  • Loss of color contrast sensitivity
  • ...



How is AMD treated?


Unfortunately, there is currently no existing treatment for AMD. It is, however, possible to slow the onset of the disease, either through medicinal treatment, or laser treatment.

While age is the primary risk factor for AMD, it has been proven that several other elements can come into play, such as genetics (4 times higher when a family member is already affected), smoking (risk is 3 to 6 times higher than for a non-smoker), or a poor diet.

Individuals affected by AMD are therefore advised not to smoke, to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to partake in regular physical activity.


There are also devices in existence that facilitate everyday life for those affected, such as Light Vision glasses.