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» Cooking made easier for people with visual impairment

Cooking made easier for people with visual impairment

Set up your kitchen according to your needs


For those who are sight impaired, it’s essential to lay out every room in the house in a way that facilitates daily life, including the kitchen. The arrangement of furniture and utensils should make movements simpler, while countertops and shelves should be located at an adapted height.

As for the interior design, opt for non-slip surfaces to help avoid accidents, and go for neutral colors that will make it easier to distinguish between items.


Utensils that are adapted for different abilities


It’s not easy to weigh out ingredients when one struggles to see the markings on the measuring cup! Thankfully today there are adapted utensils available that help with a variety of tasks, such as talking kitchen scales and liquid dispensers. These have a high capacity and are designed to announce to the user the fill level or weight that has been reached.

Egg yolk separators, or peelers in the place of knives are other examples of utensils that are very handy when one doesn’t have a vision aid.


Preparing and cooking meals safely


Whether you’re making a pasta dish or warming up a stew, it’s very important to abide by certain rules, to keep you safe. 

Thanks to devices like talking timers and microwaves, new technology is here to help you cook your favorite dishes. Pre-recorded programs and simplified interfaces mean that preparing tasty meals comes risk-free.



With the right organization and the appropriate tools, it’s possible for people with impaired vision to take up their place in the kitchen with confidence again, and enjoy happy moments at the dinner table with loved ones.