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» AMD: is it all about genes?

AMD: is it all about genes?

Age-related macular degeneration afflicts more than one million people in France. This condition, which has a chronic progression and affects people over fifty years, could find its origin in the ARMS2 gene, according to the Eye-Risk consortium.


The ARMS2 gene at the origin of AMD


The Eye-Risk consortium, a group of European researchers, recently looked into the ARMS2 gene and its impact on AMD. Ten studies relating to 17,204 people aged over 55 enabled them to uncover a bit more about one of the main susceptibility genes for age-related macular degeneration.


This research revealed that out of 2,068 participants who were affected by a late form of AMD, 64% carried the ARMS2/HTRA1 risk allele.


The studies proved that the cumulative risk of developing a late form of the retinal disease was:


  • 4.4 % for those who didn’t carry the allele
  • 9.4 % for those who only carried a copy
  • 26.8 % for homozygous carriers



Homozygous carriers also receive their diagnosis an average of 9.6 years earlier than non-carriers.


The Eye-Risk consortium researchers concluded that the ARMS2 gene acts like a strong catalyst of the progression of AMD, from the appearance of the first symptoms.