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» What kind of financial help is there for visually impaired people in France?

What kind of financial help is there for visually impaired people in France?

When one is visually impaired, technical aids can represent a sizeable expense. In France, there are various types of financial support available, which facilitate the purchase of low-vision aids that are indispensable to daily life.


Type of financial cover varies according to age group


While there are several different kinds of financial aid for visually impaired persons in France, it is necessary to fulfill certain criteria in order to benefit. Age is often the first factor that is taken into account. We therefore recognize four categories, for optimal cover.


  • Young people under the age of 16
  • Young people aged 16 to 20
  • Under 60s
  • Over 60s


Benefits are credited to parents or directly to the person affected by visual impairment, depending on their age. Aside from financial aid towards the purchase of low-vision adaptive equipment, people affected by visual impairment can also be entitled to support with communication, work, study, getting around, relaxation or even everyday assistance.


Where to turn for help?


Financial benefits for visually impaired persons are allocated by various state bodies and agencies. There’s a one-stop shop for people affected by visual impairment: the Departmental Home for Disabled Persons (MDPH - Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées).

This organization serves as an entry point for all the social welfare bodies and state services (Health Insurance Fund, Family Allowance Fund (CAF)). The MDPH has the power to decide whether or not to recognize the rights of a person affected by visual impairment via a single commission and to grant the various forms of aid available:


  • Disabled child education allowance (AEEH)
  • Disability compensation allowance (PCH)
  • Disability card (Carte d’invalidité)
  • Disabled parking card (Carte de stationnement)
  • Disabled priority card (Carte de priorité)
  • Disabled worker’s card (Carte de travailleur handicapé)


Workers under the age of 60 can also access benefits/concessions through the social services of the firm that employs them.