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» OdySight: the first game-based remote monitoring app for eye health

OdySight: the first game-based remote monitoring app for eye health

A mobile game with a medical purpose, OdySight assists patients affected by chronic retinal diseases, offering them a unique connection with an eye doctor. This is the first game-based ophthalmological telemonitoring app.


A medical device that’s both fun and purpose-built


Designed by a team of doctors and video game specialists, the OdySight application offers people affected by AMD, Stargardt disease, diabetic retinopathy or macular edema, the possibility to assess and improve their sharpness of vision using digital sight tests. These tests have been directly adapted from recognized practices in ophthalmology.

OdySight aims to facilitate the monitoring of the eye disease and its progression, while stimulating the patient’s visual abilities and cognitive skills in a playful way.


Why use OdySight?


Accessible by smartphone or tablet, OdySight is advised in a large number of cases for retinal disorders.


  • Visual field assessment
  • Connection with the eye doctor
  • Relaxation



By taking the tests regularly, patients unblock credits that allow them to access other original puzzles, set at increasing difficulty levels. It’s a good way of sharpening their skills, with added entertainment value.

All of the sight tests have been approved in a clinical study, and are based on practices such as the Amsler grid, which is very widely used in the consulting room.



Since its inception, OdySight has received backing from the French social security system, in an experimental use of Article 51, which is dedicated to innovations that improve a patient’s care pathway and the efficiency of the healthcare system. Moreover, since the beginning of 2022, OdySight became the first application to be reimbursed under French state health insurance.