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» GPS glasses that serve the visually impaired

GPS glasses that serve the visually impaired

Getting around is one of the most essential everyday issues for people affected by sight loss. Finding one’s way around safely represents a major challenge in daily life. Aira has come up with a new high-tech solution that’s very promising.


Guiding the blind, in the right conditions


Since the arrival of GPS, numerous firms have looked into the question of the mobility difficulties faced by blind and partially-sighted people. After some underwhelming results, Aira has put forward an innovative technical solution.


It was to help out a blind friend that the business’ creator decided to invest in researching this problem. By merging several different types of technology with unique know-how, the company Aira – which stands for AI, Artificial Intelligence and Ra, the Egyptian god of the sun – has been able to develop a new piece of equipment that holds promise for the everyday lives of people affected by visual impairment.


Smart glasses for navigation


Equipped with a GPS receptor, Aira’s connected glasses switch on at the simple touch of a finger. The user is then put in contact with a visual interpreter who serves as a control center. 

With the help of a precise map, a position tracking system, information about modes of transport and a video stream, the visual interpreter safely guides the blind user.


Assistants are trained over the course of several weeks so that they gain an optimal understanding of the needs of subscribers, and can offer them the right guidance.


This high-performance new technology notably enabled Erich Manser, a visually-impaired digital accessibility consultant, to take part in the Boston Marathon.