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» Light Vision: the innovation that serves your eyes

Light Vision: the innovation that serves your eyes

For many years now, Light Vision has been investing its time, expertise and financial resources into the development of innovative equipment for people afflicted by diseases that affect their central vision (AMD, Stargardt disease, diabetic macular edema…). The company has come up with unique electronic glasses that transform the everyday lives of numerous patients.


Daniel Aït-Yahiatene, a visionary who champions the visually impaired


For over 20 years, Daniel Aït-Yahiatene, drawing on his extensive experience in optoelectronics and the medical application of lasers, has dedicated himself to the quest of improving the daily lives of patients affected by AMD. After years of research, in 2002 he invented a portable vision assistance system that generates and projects an image directly onto the retina.


However, it was not until 2009, following the development of new technology, that this revolutionary innovation came back to the front of the stage. Light Vision was finally born!


Multi-award-winning revolutionary glasses


Since their development, Light Vision glasses have won multiple awards, gaining funding from the City of Mulhouse and from the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), as well as winning a MEDEF Business Award in 2016.


This financial aid and unwavering support have enabled the development of studies in several French and Chinese hospitals on patients affected by AMD at different stages of progression. Large-scale tests of Light Vision glasses have helped prove their effectiveness and their essential role in the everyday lives of people with visual impairment. 


These visual assistance devices are now accessible for hire and for purchase through partner outlets of the brand, helping to mitigate the effects of visual impairment due to retinal diseases.