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Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the first cause of visual impairment beyond the age of 50 in industrialized countries. This condition results in the loss of the central vision and in a degradation of the vision accuracy, which are causing a real handicap for the patient. Despite the emergence of therapeutic options, there is no curative treatment. Therefore patients resort to visual rehabilitation to maximize their remaining functional vision, as well as very constraining alternatives at home (magnifiers, video magnifiers). In the end these solutions will provide patients with a very relative degree of autonomy.


In this context, LightVision offers a glasses-shaped innovative visual device based on the use of the remaining functional capacity of patients. For the first time it is planned to return a global environmental image to the visually impaired. The product developed by LightVision is an intelligent pair of glasses, equipped with a frontal camera mounted on the glasses. This camera films the user’s field of vision, the images are processed by a software that enables to recreate simplified 2D images of the environment, and an optical system projects this field of vision directly onto the retina, even when the user moves his eyes.